5 Things To Bring To Your Hair Trial Appointment | Denver Wedding Hairstylist | Denver Braiding Updo Specialist


Hello gorgeous brides!

I'm going to let you in on a little secret of mine.

Bad hair days are never fun, but they especially shouldn't happen on your BIG day!

So ...here's the secret: WORK IT ALL OUT IN THE TRIAL RUN, because every bride should feel nothing but excitement and fondness for their stylist on the wedding day.

Trial runs are not only for the client to see the final look of everything coming together, but also for the professionals to get a feel for your hair and personality. When recreating a specific style, there are many factors that come into play such as hair length, thickness, texture, and the style desired.

We've all heard the stories of women paying big bucks, to only go home and take out the hairstyle that is nothing like they wanted.  So remember, we don't know what you don't like unless you speak up and tell us. This appointment is about you, and the practice run helps ensure everyone is on the same page when creating that special look.

To make sure that your hair trial is worth while, here are five main things that I recommend that you bring or have in order for your appointment.


If you haven't already found the gown of your dreams, stop right there- there is no use in scheduling an appointment at this time. Your dress will considerably affect the hairstyle you choose.

For example, if you find a gorgeous gown with an intricate back, your more likely to wear your hair up and pinned rather than down, to show off and expose that part of the dress. That's why you primarily bought it anyways, right?

Some hairstyles may also not be perfectly fitting for certain types of dresses. The bohemian style typically looks best with simple braids and messy updos, while ball gowns go with the more classic hairstyles such as a french twist or a bun.


Your trial will go much smoother if you have a general idea of what type of hairstyles your envisioning.

I always ask the client to bring in a few photos of what they like and don't like. Pictures are helpful, because my idea of a messy bun may be completely different than yours.

When finding photos to show your stylist, try and stick with the same idea of a hairstyle. Too many options can sometimes lead to frustration and an unsuccessful trial.


Your veil and any other hairpieces you have should be a given!  Your wedding hair wouldn't look the same without them!

There are many different placements of a veil depending on which hairstyle style you choose. At your trial appointment, it is fun to see some of the options and placements of those items that you may not have thought about.  

Sometimes once the updo is done, the bride may also find that there is too much bling in the hair, and that the extra accessories take away from the overall look. It is reassuring for the client to find that out at trial as opposed to on the wedding day.


Aren't you dying to see what your going to look like in your professional wedding photos?

Upon sending a client off, I always ask if it would be alright to snap a few pictures for them on their device.

It is not only nice to look back and see what your chosen style looks like, but seeing the updo in different lightings and background settings may give you a better picture for your special day.

Some brides also like to share the excitement and approval with others in the bridal party!


Whenever I schedule a hair trial there is always plenty of room for guests. Granted, your not going to want a whole army there waiting to see what it will look like, but a close friend or family member usually does the trick  

Second opinions are sometimes nice, and it is great to share this moment with someone your close with! Create a girls day out of it, and make it one for the books!

Stay gorgeous my friends! Until next time xoxo 

Beautiful photo by: Courtney Taylor Photo