About Preslee

My name is Preslee, and I am a licensed cosmetologist who specializes in wedding and event hair. I was born and raised in Colorado, and grew up in the salon industry in which my mother and grandmother owned locally for 17 years. As a child I always knew I wanted to follow my mothers footsteps and become a hairstylist. I have now been a stylist for five years, and fell in love with the wedding and event hair styles. People may forget what you said, but the will never forget how to made them look and feel, and that right there is priceless.

Along this wonderful journey, I also fell in love with the man of my dreams. He is a hardworking man who is passionate about his career as well, and does nothing but support my talents and dreams. Here within the next year we are also planning a wedding of our own, and I cannot wait for that day to come! We have two wonderful dogs, who for now act as our furry children, and bring nothing but joy and the occasional piece of destroyed furniture.

I am so passionate about what I do, and I love to be apart of someones special event. I want to say thank you, for if it wasn't my amazing clients I have now, or the inquiry from you, I would not be where I am today!