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Regular Trims and Hair Growth

In the world of beauty, it is often easy for these so-called “secrets” that are passed down among hairdressers, generations, or even the latest women's magazine to be fiction.

We’ve all heard of the old wives’ tales such as putting toothpaste on your pimples to help them go away quickly, or to never use moisturizer if you have oily skin, but how much of it is actually true? 

Let's take a closer look at the tale of regular trims, and understand why they are necessary to maintain healthy hair. 

So, does cutting your hair make it grow? The answer to that is NO- cutting the hair will have no influence on its rate of growth, other than making it look healthier and slightly shorter. 


Well then you may ask where did this idea even come from? If trimming split ends doesn't make your hair grow faster at all, what does it do?

Trimming helps in improving the health of your hair. Cutting off the split ends will help the hair from further splitting up the hair shaft, thus, the health of your hair is maintained allowing it to grow longer and stronger. So even if regular trims can’t make your hair grow longer, well-timed trims can help prevent it from further breaking, allowing you to get that length. 

It can be very typical to skip the scheduled salon visits when the end goal is long hair, but this is when it is the most important and beneficial.

On average, hair grows approximately ¼-½ inch per month. Trims should be taking place about every 10-12 weeks. With that being said, doing a dusting of the hair every so often will give you that length, and in the end you will be ahead of the game with healthier, longer, shinier hair. 

Now, just because you are seeing your hairdresser more does not mean that there aren't other preventives in your at home hair routine that you should be doing. 

You can help keep your hair growing by maintaining a healthy balance of exercise and diet that includes tons of healthy fats and proteins. Also, keep extra hair stress such as coloring and heat styling to a minimum (see previous blog on hot tool temperatures). Regular hydration is important and also effective, and always remember to comb, not brush wet hair!

So ladies, take those tips, find a hairdresser who you trust, and start seeing those results soon!