Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I book you?

There is never such a thing as to early to book! I do recommend getting on the schedule AT LEAST 6 months prior your wedding, although I will try my best to accommodate the brides with last minute time constraints. 


How do I book you?

First, you will fill out the inquiry form listed here to see if your date is available. While filling this form out, please be specific on how many services you would like to be quoted for, and the location of your wedding. I will then send you an estimate of the approximate cost of services you listed. If at this point you decide to book me for your beauty services, we will then carry on in terms of filling out a contract and paying a retainer fee. This is what is going to reserve your wedding date! Once both forms are received back, you can take a deep breath and mark one more thing off of your wedding to do list. We will then be in touch for available trial times and creating that perfect dream wedding hair!

can you style my whole bridal party?

Yes! I am a solo stylist, but on average I usually style about 8-10 women per event. Typically on the wedding day, everyone is on a 30 minute schedule, followed by touch ups at the end if needed. Take into consideration, more detailed hairstyles and extremely long/thick hair may take a few extra minutes.


My hair doesn't hold curl.

Although I am a wedding hairstylist, I unfortunately am not a magician. If you or others in your bridal party find yourself in this category, I do suggest to wear the hair up in an updo. I do guarantee my updos to last all day and night through. You will have enough pins and spray to guarantee that rain, wind, or shine, it will still be standing!


Can you style hair at two separate locations?

Although I am here for the needs of your wedding day, I do suggest to choose one location to perform services. By the time I pack up my hot tools used previously in the day, and travel from point A to point B, we end up loosing a lot of valuable time. Keep this in mind when booking the venue, because you may not need as many "additional hours" at the venue as what you thought! Sometimes a home or hotel can be a cheaper alternative for beauty services. 



Your deposit can be paid electronically, right there along with the signed contract, similar to an online purchase. The remaining balance of services is paid after everyone is styled and completed on the day of the wedding. For the final payment, I accept all forms, so you can either pay as a group or individually. 


How should I prepare for my trial/ day of appointment?

I will need to have you, and the entire bridal party with CLEAN, washed and blow dried (or air dried) hair. I would also prefer no product in the hair, for I will grit it up with the products I bring. If you have naturally curly hair, and are not planning to utilize your natural curl within the style, please paddle brush it dry and as straight as possible without using any other sources of heat (no flatirons or curling irons.) Please also arrive in shirts that can easily be removed without messing up the style, and have photos saved and ready to view of the hairstyles you and your girls are wanting to recreate.


When is the best time for my hair trial?

Bridal previews for your wedding day can be done at anytime, however, I do recommend 2-3 months prior to the wedding date. This way there is plenty of time to make changes such as: cuts, color, or hair treatments if necessary. 


How Long does a trial run take?

Every client is different, but on average a bridal preview takes about an hour to an hour and a half. We will first start off by getting to know one another, and some simple details regarding your wedding. Then we will talk about the hairstyles you are envisioning, and begin recreate them. Together, we will see what you like and don't like, and how well your hair will be holding this specific style. 


Does the Bridal party do a trial?

Although a trial run is mostly for the bride, if you are worried or concerned about your hair, we most definitely can get you scheduled for a trial as well. Prices for a trial are the same as the day of cost, because the same amount of product and pins will be used to secure the updo. Another alternative if you are skeptical about your hair and do not want to pay for a trial, would be to have an in depth phone conversation. I am happy to help and ease some of the fear!


Can I try more than one style?

Yes you can certainly try more than one style, but I do ask clients to try and pin point two of their favorites. If you have to many choices it can get confusing, and can sometimes lead to an unsuccessful trial. It is also difficult to maintain the hair if it is put up and taken down multiple times and can cause it to look untidy. There are many factors with hair such as thickness and length when viewing a hairstyle, but assuming you have just the right amount, I will be able to replicate the desired style very closely. If you are wanting a style with a great deal of length, then you may need to consider some clip in hair extensions to achieve this. I am happy to help you through the process of choosing the correct length and color if desired. 

Can you stay for the service?

I do offer this service, so please mention this at the time of booking so I can properly quote you for this. I am happy to stay until after the ceremony or pictures to help remove the veil, as well as to touch up any hair that is needed. Price will depend of the number of additional hours needed. 


Do You have an Early Morning fee?

Morning ceremonies have become so popular, and who does love brunch and mimosas? For any service requiring an arrival time prior to 8:00 am, an early morning fee will apply. For an arrival prior to 5:30 am overnight accommodations must also be provided. 

Do you have a second artist fee?

Yes, if services exceed Bride + 7 attendees, there will automatically be an additional second artist added. This rate is $100 per artist.


After booking, what are the next steps?

After we sign the contact and book you for your trial run, the next steps are easy. Just breath, you are getting MARRIED!! For the days, weeks, or months leading up onto your wedding date, we won't be strangers. If you feel like there are any unanswered questions, just email me or give me a ring!

(303) 746-8386