Denver Wedding Hairstylist | Megan's Wedding | Estes Park Resort

Megan's October Wedding

I always love traveling up to Estes for weddings! Not only is it a simple 40 minute drive where you get out of the city and into those mountain vibes, but the weather conditions can be something completely opposite as well!

As you take a peak below at the stunning photos, you can see how well Megan was prepared with her adorable fur shawl that she wore with her dress for the lightly snow capped mountains that happened just that morning!

Now her hair is a different story. 

Until the wind and the flurries picked up, our plan was to wear her bangs down, and to also have tendrils hanging down in front. 

Since the weather was not cooperating, we opted to add the bangs and tendrils into the braids on both sides, to save ourselves the frustration of having them blow around in the wind.

Now don't get me wrong, I love some of the shots where there is a light breeze and you can see the hair and veil flowing in the wind... this we like. When a tornado gust of wind comes rolling through destroying the perfect updo, despite all of the firm holding hairspray we apply... this we DO NOT like. 

So we improvise, and Megan's hair is still stunning to say the least :)


Photographer: Dylan Crossley Photo

Makeup: Nicole Toldeo