Tip Thursday | Trimming Your Hair Before The Big Day | Denver Wedding Hairstylist

Trimming Your Hair Before The Big Day


Haircuts are important, especially before a big event.

Haircuts are also known to be a little intimidating, which is a very common feeling when you have been growing your hair out for over a year for a specific style to compliment your wedding dress. But there is nothing worse than have long hair with dry, dead ends. 


As your wedding day hairstylist, the hair is going to look the best when it is freshly cut. 

Now I am not saying go get it trimmed two days before the wedding, because we all know there is such thing as "too fresh" of a cut, but when you book your next salon visit definitely get it touched up.

Dry, brittle, damaged ends have a tendency to not hold curl, and with a hairstyle that you want perfect, we want it looking the best from scalp to end!

The hair also will appear thicker, fuller, and healthier by taking off those split ends.

If you do not have a stylist you see regularly, please reach out and I'd be happy to help. I have been a stylist for 6 years now, and have plenty of expierence behind the chair!






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