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Honeymoon Hair Hacks

If you're anything like myself, or maybe its the hairdresser in me, we have a huge collection of hair products under the sink. Some that we use on special occasions, and the rest that we bought and honestly forgot about.

Welcome to being a woman! Ha Ha

Well you also know, that when you go on vacation you can't bring everything, so below are some of my favorite products that will help get you by on your honeymoon with minimal effort!

Heck, you will probally will be somewhere tan on a beach embracing your new married life, and your hair will be the last of your worries. But just in case, stop by and grab these products before you head off!

Aquage's sea salt texturizing spray

This product is going to be amazing for any of you women who have curly hair or even the slightest wave.

If you are on a beach in humidity, girlfriend embrace it!

This sea salt spray has just enough texture to help scrunch those curls, create that volume, and get them to hold, all while having that light weight feel of the product throughout your hair.

KMS anti-humidity spray

Frizz is a NO NO, especially on vacation!

With this anti-humidity spray, it will act as an umbrella to coat your hair and lock in a certain style up to hours! Just what you need for a night out to dinner on the beach!

Kenra's blow dry spray

This is my to go to product for any day of the week!

This blow dry spray drastically cuts down on blow dry time, and also acts as a great heat protectant against dry, damaged hair.  

Most importantly, it is a spray, so a couple mists here and there and you are good to go!

Pureology's Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner

Being in the ocean, pool water, and sun can sure take a toll on your hair. Make sure you pack a good hydrating shampoo and conditioner to break down those tangles and salt build up! 

This minty cool freshness of the conditioner can also feel like a nice treat on the scalp if it gets a little to much sun!

Stay gorgeous my friends, until next time