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Wedding Veils

Everyone knows that your hair cut should complement your face shape.

How many times have you sat down in your stylists chair and asked, "Is my face to chubby for this hairstyle?"

Well... SURPRISE, the same concept applies to choosing the correct veil and placement of it. The type of veil you choose should be based on the shape of your face: round, square, oblong, heart-shaped, or oval.

Now the trends of wedding veils for the past couple years have not been ones that go over your face, but if you are still a classic/vintage bride and choose one that does, this article will apply to you. 


Same as a haircut, if you have more of a round face, a narrow veil will suit you well. This type of veil will fall along the sides of your face, creating a slimming look!


Most ladies who have square jawlines like to pull the attention away from them. With a flowing long veil, you can add a simple softness around your face, which in the end will downplay some of your strong facial features. 


When it comes to this face shape, width and body will become your best friend. For this specific shape, add a touch of width with a bird cage veil. As a stylist I also recommend some sort of long side swept bangs to advert the eyes, which will go nicely in many updos!

Triangular or Heart-Shaped

This face shape is basically an upside down triangle, and is going to need a cut and a veil that creates balance. Width added down towards the bottom will be great and create just the right illusion you are looking for. As for choosing a veil, look for one that can be easily pinned in the back of the crown, or one that can add in fullness around the shoulders. This will help create a flattering silhouette in pictures!


If you are one of these ladies who have an oval face, you can pretty much get away with anything. You lucky duck! So when choosing a hairstyle or a veil for yourself, find something you are comfortable in.