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Trial vs. Wedding Day

As I had mentioned in a previous blog post, trials are important for many reasons. Not only do they pull the entire vision together, but they also allow you to see how well your hair cooperates in certain settings, and throughout the day. 

For example, should you wash your hair the day of or the night before? Will you hair hold curl long enough to last you through your event? Is the type of hairstyle you picked out fitting for your dress?

I could go on and on about the possible "what if" scenarios, but most of the time its better to find out yourself with your stylist upon trial!

Hair previews are also very important for your stylist. Its a time to get to know one another to see what you like and don't like, and to see if your hair will perform the way you both are envisioning.

As a stylist, I guarantee after the trial run that the day of hair will be to perfection! Frizz will be tamed down, and each hair strand will find its home in your gorgeous updo.

The wedding day is a time for the bride to let loose, and take complete faith in her stylist! 

Below you will see the transition from trial run, to the day of, and also what a difference professional photos make vs. ones taken on your cell phone. Compare how smooth the hair now looks, how shiny the overall style is, and how beautiful the hair accessories are added in!

Most of all look at the gorgeous sneak peak of this bride and her hubby! Stay tuned for a full blog post on this amazing couple soon!


Trial run


Day of wedding hair


How gorgeous is this sneak peak? 

Look at that braid!!!


Photography: Myra Hernandez Photography