Select the Correct Heat Setting | Wedding Hair | Colorado

Select the correct heat setting

Number one rule: just because your curling iron goes all the way up to 450 degrees, does not mean you have to max it out- you don't even bake a cake at that temperature! 

Turning the temperature up won't make your hair curl any faster or stay curled any longer, although you may think your saving a few minutes. 

We've all seen the YouTube video of the girl who sizzled her hair off, and just for the giggle of it, you should probally click the link and watch it for a refresher. Ha ha.  Don't let yourself fall under that category! Your hairdresser thanks you!

Here is a general idea of where your temperature on your hot tools should fall. 

Bleached, fine, or damaged hair

For my super blonde friends, this is you. 

Also for hair that is extra fine, breaks easily, knots easily, or has gone through an intense color treatment recently. 

275-325 degrees is a safe bet to ensure minimal heat damage. Using your hot tools at a lower setting will help save your hair and your color. 

Medium/ Average hair

Most of you will fall under this category. 

For normal everyday hair I suggest staying between 325-375 degrees. If you find yourself going back over the same hair strand, turn the degree setting down a notch or two. 

Thick, coarse, textured hair

You can crank up the heat a bit if your hair falls under this spectrum. Your hair most likely can handle more than the average person, but should still stay between 375-425 degrees on your hot tools. 

Second time passes of the hair or touch ups should still be done at a lower temperature within that range. 

At all costs, no matter how quickly you need to be done, you should never reach the max, and remember, a heat protectant is your best friend!