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Kenra Hairspray


When I create an updo, I guarantee it to last all night through and in most of Colorado's crazy weather conditions, and to this I give credit to one of my favorite brands of hairspray- Kenra!

Now if you have never used Kenra before as a hairspray you have too! 

Not only do they smell great, not like your typical lighter fluid, but they also come in a variety of different holding capacities!

This is going to be great for the clients who HATES hairspray, but wants that hold, and also the clients who have very fine, thin hair and don't want to weigh it down. 

Kenra is also great for the clients who have two heads of hair on them, and need their style to last all day through. 

This hairspray line goes from a very light and airy hold, to a full on maximum hold where a tornado wouldn't event move a hair on your head!

If you are unsure of what holding capacity you need for your type of hair, set up a free phone consultation today, where I am more than happy to help!

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